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Migration Mechanisms of Americium(III) through Soil Layers

  • T. Tanaka (a1), H. Ogawa (a2) and S. Muraoka (a2)


Migration experiments of 241Am(III) have been performed using a column system, to investigate migration behavior of 241Am through a column packed with porous sedimentary materials: a coastal sandy soil and a reddish soil. Sorption mechanisms of 241Am on the sedimentary materials were examined by a chemical extraction method.

In the case of the reddish soil, most of 241Am sorbed on the influent edge of the column. The 241Am sorbed on the reddish soil was mainly controlled by a reversible ion exchange reaction. The migration of 241Am in the reddish soil could be evaluated by using the K d concept. In the case of the sandy soil, on the other hand, considerable amount of particulate 241Am passed through the column. The 241Am sorbed on the sandy soil was controlled by irreversible reactions. The migration behavior of particulate 241Am in the sandy soil could be expressed by filtration theory.



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Migration Mechanisms of Americium(III) through Soil Layers

  • T. Tanaka (a1), H. Ogawa (a2) and S. Muraoka (a2)


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