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Microwave CVD of Diamond Using Methanol-Rare Gas Mixtures

  • M. Buck (a1), T. J. chuang (a1), J. H Kaufman (a1) and H. Seki (a1)


The deposition of diamond from a reactive vapor phase has been dominated by the use of very dilute gas mixtures of hydrocarbon molecules, usually methane, in hydrogen. Recently there have been reports using nitrogen and oxygen containing simple organics such as amines and alcohols which seem promising. The role of atoms other than hydrogen is still not very clear. There is need for more experimental data to further our understanding in this regard. Here we give a preliminary report on our investigation of deposition from methanol-rare gas mixtures using a small microwave reactor. An important result is that good diamond can be deposited from methanol without addition of hydrogen gas and the quality of the crystallites can be influenced by Ar in the plasma.



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