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Microwave Annealing of Ion Implanted 6H-SiC

  • J. A. Gardner (a1), M. V. Rao (a1), Y. L. Tian (a1), O. W. Holland (a2), G. Kelner (a3), J. A. Freitas (a3) and I. AIMAD (a4)...


Microwave rapid thermal annealing has been utilized to remove the lattice damage caused by nitrogen (N) ion-implantation as well as to activate the dopant in 6H-SiC. Samples were annealed at temperatures as high as 1400 °C, for 10 min. Van der Pauw Hall measurements indicate an implant activation of 36%, which is similar to the value obtained for the conventional furnace annealing at 1600 °C. Good lattice quality restoration was observed in the Rutherford backscattering and photoluminescence spectra.



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