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Microstructures of Chemically Polymerized Ultrathin Polypyrrole Films

  • Xi Chu (a1), Vivcent Chan (a1), Lanny D. Schmidt (a1) and William H. Smyrl (a1)


The microstructures of chemically polymerized polypyrrole 100 to 800 Å films were studied by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The fibers are embedded in an amorphous matrix which forms a self-reinforced composite. The shape of the fibers ranged from thin rods to ellipsoids depending on the preparation conditions. The density and size of the fibers were affected by the polymerization time and the concentration ratio of pyrrole and oxidants. Polypyrrole fibers were aligned along the thin film plane and were randomly oriented in the plane. The two-dimensional orientation of the crystalline fibers produced strongly anisotropic electrical properties in the thin films. It has been found that by properly adjusting the polymerization condition, it is possible to obtain the polypyrrole conducting ultra thin films with improved mechanic and electric properties.



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