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Microstructure of Zr-25at. %Al Melt Spun Ribbons.

  • L. Lutterotti (a1), S. K. Pradhan (a1) (a2), S. Gialanella (a1) and A. R. Yavari (a3)


Following a previous study in which we presented some microstructural aspects of meltspun ribbons having a composition close to Zr-25 at.% Al, we discuss now the crystallography of the phases observed in similar samples. We performed X-Ray diffraction analyses of ribbons and refined the observed crystallographic structures. We could identify a number of stable and metastable structures, according to the actual composition of the ribbons. We also estimated the percentage of each one of these phases. We did the same for some ribbons annealed at 750°C for several times. In this way we could follow the kinetics leading from the initial as-spun condition to the final one, featuring the L12 ordered Zr3Al, as the major phase, and other intermetallic phases of the Zr-Al phase diagram.



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Microstructure of Zr-25at. %Al Melt Spun Ribbons.

  • L. Lutterotti (a1), S. K. Pradhan (a1) (a2), S. Gialanella (a1) and A. R. Yavari (a3)


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