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The Microstructure of ggbfs/OPC Habdened Cement Pastes and Some Effects of Leaching

  • I.G. Richardson (a1), Sally A. Rodger (a1) and G.W. Groves (a1)


Ground granulated blast-furnace slag (ggbfs) /Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) blends are possible materials for use in intermediate and low-level radioactive waste repositories. The microstructural development in neat OPC is described. The effect of increasing the loading of ggbfs on the composition and microstructure of the hardened paste has been examined by a number of techniques, including transmission electron microscopy. The implications for performance are discussed. A ggbfs/OPC 9:1 blend which had been exposed, after normal hydration to aqueous leaching was also examined. Marked changes in the microstructure and composition were observed.



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