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Microstructure and Resistivity OFCr75 Si25 Thin Films

  • B. Z. Weiss (a1), K. N. Tu (a1) and D. A. Smith (a1)


The electrical and microstructural changes of initially amorphous Cr75Si25 thin coevaporated alloy films have been studied as a function of temperature from room temperature to 950°C. Crystallization occurs in two stages. In the “primary” stage the major portion of the amorphous film crystallizes and a steep drop in resistivity occurs. In the “secondary” stage the amorphous residue crystallizes and is accompanied by a further gradual decrease in resistivity. The resistivity depends linearly on the volume fraction Vτ(t) crystallized to give Cr3Si only for Vτ(t) < 0.35.



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