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Microstructure and Electrical Characteristics of Plasma Sprayed Thick Film Mn-Co-Ni Oxide Thermistor

  • Shanshan Liang (a1), Bhuvaragasamy Ravi (a2), Sanjay Sampath (a3) and Richard J. Gambino (a4)


Mn-Co-Ni-O spinel, owing to its large temperature dependant resistivity, is an attractive ternary system for negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor applications, particularly in oxygen rich environments. This research explores the potential of plasma spray as a method for the fabrication of thick film Mn-Co-Ni-O thermistors. Nanostructured Mn-Co-Ni-O spinel powders were synthesized by gel combustion method and were air-plasma-sprayed on to alumina substrates. The as-sprayed deposit formed a rocksalt structure rather than a cubic spinel structure. Annealing in air at 600°C for 3 hours resulted in transformation to the spinel structure while higher temperature annealing resulted in phase separation of rocksalt phase at 1250°C and recombination into spinel monophase at 1350°C. Temperature dependent measurement of resistivity showed -4 to -1% temperature coefficient of resistivity (TCR) from room temperature to 250oC with high reproducibility, making the low temperature annealed coating suitable in thermistor applications.



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