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Microstructure and Chemical Ordering in UHV-Deposited, Polycrystalline Coxpt1−x Alloy Films for Magneto-Optical Recording*

  • R. F. C. Farrow (a1), D. Weller (a1), M. F. Toney (a1), T. A. Rabedeau (a2), J. E. Hurst (a1), G. R. Harp (a1), R. F. Marks (a1), R. H. Geiss (a1) and H. Notarys (a1)...


We report magneto-optical recording with 62 dB CNR (carrier-to-noise ratio) at 488 nm for quadrilayer structures comprising polycrystalline CoxPt1-x (x = 0.28) alloy films deposited on ungrooved, silicon nitride -coated glass discs, held at 300°C, by UHV evaporation. The key parameter controlling magnetic anisotropy of the films is substrate temperature during deposition. Polycrystalline films grown on amorphous silicon nitride have a large coercivity and full perpendicular remanance when grown at 300°C. Synchrotron X-ray diffraction data for polycrystalline films grown at 300 and 600°C confirm the presence of short-range compositional order, to the CoPt3-L12 phase in both cases. Such ordering can introduce an anisotropy in the distribution of Co-Co pairs in the alloy and is a possible source of the magnetic anisotropy.



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This work was supported in part by ONR Contract N00014- 92-C-0084.



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