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Microstructure Analysis of Thermally Stable Ohmic Contact to Both n and p+-GaAs

  • W. Y. Han (a1), H. S. Lee (a2), Y. Lu (a1), M. W. Cole (a2), L. M. Casas (a2), A. DeAnni (a2), K. A. Jones (a2) and L. W. Yang (a3)...


A thermally stable Pd/Ge/Ti/Pt/ ohmic contact with low specific contact resistance was formed on both n and p+-GaAs. The lowest specific contact resistances were 4.7×10−7 and 6.4×10−7 Ω.cm2 for the n and p+-GaAs, respectively, when the n-GaAs was doped with Si to 2×1018cm−3, and the p+-GaAs was doped with carbon to 5×1019 cm−3. Interfacial reactions and element diffusions of the contacts were investigated by using transmission electron microscopy, Auger electron spectrometry with depth profiles. All the contacts were thermally stable at 300 °C for 20 hours, and it appeared that the p-contacts were more stable than the n-contacts.



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