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Microstructural Studies of β-NiAl and α-Re Composites Produced by Eutectic Solidification

  • D. P. Mason (a1), D. C. Van Aken (a1) and J. G. Webber (a1)


Arc-melted alloys of stoichiometric β-NiAl with additions of up to 1.5 atomic percent Re were examined to determine the nature of the quasi-binary phase diagram. Analysis of the Re segregation during solidification confirmed the eutectic nature. Solubility of Re in the β-NiAl structure was limited to approximately 0.5 atomic percent and precipitation of α-Re was observed in the hypoeutectic alloys. An orientation relationship with (101)β // (0001)α and [111]α // [1210]βwas determined for these rod-like precipitates.



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