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Microstructural Evolution of Nickel Induced Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon

  • Kyu Ho Park (a1), Young Woo Jeong (a1), Hyun Ja Kwon (a1), Jeong Soo Lee (a1), Binn Kim (a2), Hae Yeol and Hyun Sik Seo (a2)...


The Ni silicide-mediated phase transformation of amorphous to crystalline silicon (c-Si) was studied using transmission electron microscopy. Amorphous silicon (a-Si) films coated with very thin Ni layer (∼10-1Å) were annealed at various temperatures. Randomly oriented NiSi2 precipitates were observed in the Ni deposited a-Si film annealed at 400°C. The nucleation of the epitaxial c-Si has occurred on the {111} faces of the octahedral NiSi2 precipitate at 430°C and then caused to the variation in the shape of the NiSi2 precipitates. During the growth of c-Si, the needle-like morphology developed from the migration of NiSi2 precipitates through the a-Si matrix leaving a trail of c-Si. The collision of a migrating NiSi2 precipitate with a stationary NiSi2 precipitates in the a-Si film gave rise to the change in the morphology of the growing Si grain and the formation of additional c-Si needles on variants of the <111> direction.



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