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The Microstructural Evolution of Nanometer Ruthenium Films in Ru/C Multilayers With Thermal Treatments

  • Tai D. Nguyen (a1) (a2), Ronald Gronsky (a2) and Jeffrey B. Kortright (a1)


The evolution of nanometer Ru films sandwiched between various C layer thicknesses with thermal treatments was studied by plan-view and cross-sectional Transmission Electron Microscopy. Plan-view observation provides information on the Ru grain size, while crosssectional studies allow examination of the multilayer morphology. After annealing at 800°C for 30 minutes, the grain size in the 2 and 4 nm Ru layers show little difference from each other, while that in the I nm Ru layers depends strongly on the thickness of the C layers in the multilayers. It increases with decreasing C layer thickness. Agglomeration of the Ru layers is observed in Inmn Ru / 1nm C multilayers after annealing at 600°C for 30 minutes. The evolution of the microstructures and layered structure stability of the Ru/C system is compared to that of W/C and Ru/B4C systems.



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