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Microstructural Characterization of High Dose Oxygen Implanted Silicon

  • J. L. Batstone (a1), Alice E. White (a1), K. T. Short (a1), J. M. Gibson (a1) and D. C. Jacobson (a1)...


The microstructure of oxygen implanted silicon for use in silicon-on- insulator technology has been examined by transmission electron microscopy. A variety of buried oxide layers prepared using oxygen doses below and above that required for stoichiometric SiO2 formation have been studied. High resolution imaging in crosssection has revealed exceptionally flat Si-SiO2 interfaces, comparable to the best thermally grown Si-SiO2 interfaces. Examination of as-implanted material shows a complex interwoven crystalline/amorphous structure which evolves during high temperature (1350–1400° C) annealing into a buried oxide layer.



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