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Microscopic Identification of Defects in Semiconductors by Electron-Spin-Resonance and Related Techniques

  • Jorgen Schneider (a1)


This talk will review and compare very basic intrinsic and extrinsic paramagnetic defect structures which are characteristic for group IIB-VI, III-V and elemental semiconductors. The case of cation vacancy related defects in ZnS and ZnSe, that of antisite defects in GaP and GaAs and that of deep impurity donors in IIB-VI semiconductors and silicon will be treated as representative examples, thus illustrating the possibilities (and limitations) of the ESR technique.



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Microscopic Identification of Defects in Semiconductors by Electron-Spin-Resonance and Related Techniques

  • Jorgen Schneider (a1)


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