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Microscopic Analysis of Residuals on Polycrystalline CdTe Following Wet CdCl2 Treatment

  • Timothy A. Gessert (a1), Manuel J. Romero (a1), Craig L. Perkins (a1), Sally E. Asher (a1), Rick Matson (a1), Helio Moutinho (a1) and Doug Rose (a2)...


In this study we report on the spatial distribution and composition of residuals on the CdTe surface following a typical wet CdCl2 treatment, and the effect that our ion-beam milling has on this residual-coated surface. Results show that residuals are spatially discrete, located primarily along grain boundaries, and are likely a cadmium oxychloride. Results also show that the residuals may penetrate deep into the CdTe surface such that typical ion-beam milling procedures do not produce complete residual removal.



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