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Micro-Raman Study of Self-Assembled Nanostructures: (1−x)PZN:xPT Solid Solution

  • S. Gupta (a1), R. S. Katiyar (a1), R. Guo (a2) and A. S. Bhalla (a2)


Relaxor ferroelectrics are one of the important classes of self-assembled nanostructure composite materials. Interesting features associated with the nanoregions give rise to the most interesting device related characteristics and unusual properties in these materials. Besides, they possess the largest property coefficients by themselves or when modified with lead titanate (PT). In this report, a detailed temperature dependent study has been carried out on (1-x)PZN-xPT relaxors with compositions x = 0.05 and 0.085 using polarized Raman scattering under optical and E-field variables and inferred the structure-property relations in order to obtain information to characterize the material for matching the application criteria. In addition, phase transitions associated with the relaxors have also been investigated to understand the polarization mechanism(s) for the unpoled and poled specimens.



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