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Micro-Raman Studies of Mixed-phase Hydrogenated Silicon Solar Cells

  • Jessica M. Owens (a1), Daxing Han (a1), Baojie Yan (a2), Jeffrey Yang (a2), Kenneth Lord (a2) and Subhendu Guha (a2)...


The open-circuit voltage (Voc) of mixed-phase hydrogenated silicon solar cells has been found to increase after light soaking. In this study, we use micro-Raman to investigate the heterogeneous structure of solar cells in the amorphous-to-nanocrystalline transition region. For a cell with Voc = 0.981 V, Raman spectra show a typical broad Gaussian lineshape around 480 cm-1, a signature of typical amorphous material. A cell with Voc = 0.674 V displays a sharp Lorentzian peak around 516 cm-1, indicative of nanocrystallinity. A cell with Voc = 0.767 V was systematically scanned for 20 different positions in 500 μm increments. Most spectra show a typical Gaussian lineshape around 480 cm-1, several spectra reveal a hint of a nanocrystalline shoulder around 512 cm-1, and one spectrum exhibits a distinct nanocrystalline peak. We conclude that the nanocrystallite distribution in the mixed-phase material is very non-uniform even within a mm dot. This result provides direct evidence supporting a recently proposed two-diode equivalent-circuit model to explain the light-induced effect.



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