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Micromechanics Models for Predicting the Elastic and Strength Behavior of Paper Materials

  • Richard W. Perkins (a1)


This paper presents a review of micromechanics models that have been used to predict the elastic and strength behavior of paper materials. The models discussed are based on a fiber network model that takes into account the properties of the fibers and the properties of the fiber-to-fiber bond.

Elastic models are described for a range of paper density and basis weight ranging from tissue papers to paperboard materials. The effects of fiber curl for low density systems is discussed. Models for predicting both the initial modulus of the paper and the nonlinear elastic behavior for small finite strains is presented. Differences between tensile and compressive straining regimes are addressed.

Limit load theory is discussed for predicting the strength of the network. Damage mechanics theory is employed to take into account hypothesized processes of fiber fracture and bond delaminations, and to relate the inelastic network micromechanics to the prediction of the strength of the material.



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Micromechanics Models for Predicting the Elastic and Strength Behavior of Paper Materials

  • Richard W. Perkins (a1)


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