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Micromachining Techniques for Advanced SiC MEMS

  • Mehran Mehregany (a1) and Christian A. Zorman (a1)


This paper reviews the development of a multilayer, micromolding-based surface micromachining process for SiC microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). The micromolding process uses polysilicon and SiO2 thin films that are deposited onto polysilicon and SiO2 sacrificial layers, patterned into micromolds by reactive ion etching, filled with polycrystalline SiC (poly-SiC), planarized by mechanical polishing, and eventually dissolved and released in selective wet chemical etchants. In addition, a SiC lift-off technique that exploits the microstructural differences between SiC films deposited on Si, SiO2 and Si3N4 surfaces has been developed. The micromolding and lift-off techniques are being used as the basic patterning processes for a four-layer, poly-SiC surface micromachining process that we call the MUSiC (Multi-User SiC) process.



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