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Microfabrication Technologies for Advanced VLSI Devices

  • Y. Horiike (a1), R. Yoshikawa (a1), H. Okano (a1), M. Nakase (a1), H. Komano (a1) and T. Takigawa (a1)...


Recent progress in microfabrication technologies for advanced VLSI devices, such as 16M and 64MDRAM, is presented. First, an EB delineator with a vector-scanned VSB on a moving stage has been developed for printing 0.25 μm patterns employing PMMA, high dose exposure, and 50 KeV EB. Optical lithography also has been extended toward lower submicron geometry. A Krf excimer laser reduction projection system, using a quartz/CaF2 lens, resolves successfully 0.35 μm patterns. Ga field ion beam technology has been developed with new applications in fuse-cutting of redundancy and in optimizing sense amplifier by cutting transistor gates in the SRAM device. For fine line etching technology, collimated reactive ions produced by 10−3 Torr magnetron discharge achieves deep Si trench etching and tapered Al etching by using a polymer deposition process in addition to the original thin sidewall film. Finally, a damage-free excimer laser etching process has been developed which can etch n+ poly-Si with resist mask and with pattern transfer using an optics down to 0.5 μm and 0.9 μm resolutions respectively.



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Microfabrication Technologies for Advanced VLSI Devices

  • Y. Horiike (a1), R. Yoshikawa (a1), H. Okano (a1), M. Nakase (a1), H. Komano (a1) and T. Takigawa (a1)...


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