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Microencapsulation of Polymer Coated Color Pigments for Multi-Color Electrophoretic Display

  • Meyoung Ju Joung (a1), Chul Am Kim (a1), Seong Deok Ahn (a1), Yong Eui Lee (a1), Seung Youl Kang (a1), Kyung Soo Suh (a1) and Chul Hwan Kim (a2)...


In this study, we have investigated microencapsulation of magenta, yellow, and cyan color polymer balls with white pigment for multi-color electrophoretic display implementation. The charged color pigments have been prepared by physical coating of magenta, yellow, and cyan with functionalized polymers, then surface charging with charge control agent. These color balls with white pigment were microencapsulated in suspending fluid through in-situ polymerization.



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