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Microcrystalline Single-Junction and Micromorph Tandem Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells

  • J. Meier (a1), H. Keppner (a1), S. Dubail (a1), U. Kroll (a1), P. Torres (a1), P. Pernet (a1), Y. Ziegler (a1), J.A. Anna Selvan (a1), J. Cuperus (a1), D. Fischer (a1) and A. Shah (a1)...


Higher open circuit voltages of the microcrystalline silicon bottom cell have a direct impact on the efficiency of the micromorph (μc-Si:H/a-Si:H) tandem cell. In this paper it is shown that open circuit voltages over 500 mV can be achieved leading to gc-Si:H cell efficiencies of 8.5 %. The behaviour of such cells is characterised both by the illuminated and the dark I-V characteristics in function of cell temperature. Microcrystalline cells with Voc-values higher than 500 mV and micromorph tandems possess in general a lower value of the temperature coefficient of the fill factor and thus of the efficiency, when compared to c-Si. Temperature-dependent dark I-V measurements suggest that the dominant recombination mechanism in lgc-Si:H cells is different from that prevailing in a-Si:H solar cells.



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