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A Method for Making Elastic Metal Interconnects

  • Joyelle Jones (a1), Stéphanie Périchon Lacour (a1), Sigurd Wagner (a1) and Zhigang Suo (a1)


Stretchable, elastic metal interconnects are a key to the fabrication of 3-D conformal circuits and electrotextiles. The basic concept for reversibly stretchable, elastic metallization is a corrugated stripe of thin-film metal that is expanded by stretching. The maximum elongation is reached when the stripe is stretched flat. We prepared wavy metal stripes by evaporating gold onto pre-stretched strips of the elastomer, poly-dimethyl siloxane (PDMS). We experimented with gold metal line width and thickness and substrate elongation. We measured the film structure, amplitude, and wavelength, as well as electrical resistance in relaxed and various stretched states. So far we have reached elastic strains of 15% while maintaining the initial resistance and 80% with a rise in the resistance. We discovered a rich macroscopic and microscopic film morphology. Presented are the fabrication, electro-mechanical performance, and data on the film structure of these wavy metal interconnects.



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