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Metalorganic Molecular Beam Epitaxy of GaAsP for Visible Light-Emitting Devices on Si

  • M. Yoshimoto (a1), J. Saraie (a1), T. Yasui (a2), S. HA (a2) and H. Matsunami (a2)...


GaAs1–x P x (0.2 <; x < 0.7) was grown by metalorganic molecular beam epitaxy with a GaP buffer layer on Si for visible light-emitting devices. Insertion of the GaP buffer layer resulted in bright photoluminescence of the GaAsP epilayer. Pre-treatment of the Si substrate to avoid SiC formation was also critical to obtain good crystallinity of GaAsP. Dislocation formation, microstructure and photoluminescence in GaAsP grown layer are described. A GaAsP pn junction fabricated on GaP emitted visible light (˜1.86 eV). An initial GaAsP pn diode fabricated on Si emitted infrared light.



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