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Metallurgical By-Product Transformation and Its Plasma Modification to Increase HDPE Thermal Conductivity

  • Y. Olivares-Maldonado (a1), E. F Ramírez-Vargas (a1), L. Ramos-deValle (a1), Y. A. Perera-Mercado (a2) and M. G. Neira-Velázquez (a2)...


A metallurgical by product mostly constituted of Wustita (FeO) was transformed to Magnetite (Fe3O4) spheres using a flame treatment. Then magnetite spheres surface was modified by cold plasma treatment with ethylene, where a thin polyethylene film was deposited on the spheres surface. Finally, HDPE composites with modified spheres were obtained by melt mixing and its thermal conductivity was determined by MDSC. It was found that spheres surface modification helps to increase composites thermal conductivity.



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