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Metallomesogens and Amorphous Metallopolymers: Magnetic Properties

  • W. Haase (a1), K. Griesar (a1) and C. Erasmus-Buhr (a1)


The magnetic susceptibility data in the temperature range of 4.2 K up to 300 K in the crystalline state of a metal lomesogen containing a Cu(II)-center are reported and discussed. Also magnetic properties of a Cu(II) containing chemically modified polymethylmethacrylate are presented. The interpretation of data, based on the Curie-Weiss-equation, shows a negative Weiss constant in the range up to θ = −27 K. An intermolecular long range antiferromagnetic exchange interaction at least in the solid or amorphous state has been discussed.



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Metallomesogens and Amorphous Metallopolymers: Magnetic Properties

  • W. Haase (a1), K. Griesar (a1) and C. Erasmus-Buhr (a1)


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