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Metallic Microwave Conductivity in Shock-Loaded Rutile*

  • E. L. Venturini (a1) and R. A. Graham (a1)


Electron spin resonance (ESR) has been used to characterize the paramagnetic defects present in both single crystal and powder rutile (TiO2) subjected to explosive shock loading and preserved for post-shock study. The Ti+3 defect concentration produced by the shock process is an order of magnitude larger than values reported for vacuumreduced rutile. The ESR lineshape is characteristic of a conducting material, and the estimated microwave resistivity in the shock-loaded powder is more than an order of magnitude lower than the minimum dc value measured in vacuum-reduced rutile. It appears that shock-wave loading leaves the rutile in a defect state not achieved in prior work.



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This work performed at Sandia National Laboratories supported by the U. S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC04-76DP00789.



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Metallic Microwave Conductivity in Shock-Loaded Rutile*

  • E. L. Venturini (a1) and R. A. Graham (a1)


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