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Metal Complex Polymers for Electroluminescent Applications

  • X. T. Tao (a1), H. Suzuki (a2), Y. D. Zhang (a1), T. Watanabe (a2), S. Miyata (a2), T. Wada (a1) and H. Sasabe (a1)...


We report the synthesis and characterization of a soluble metal complex polymer for electroluminescent (EL) applications. The polymer was prepared by the reaction of a zinc Schiff base with 4,4′-diphenylmethane-diisocyanate. The polymer is amorphous and with glass transition temperature of 156 °C and is soluble in common organic solvents such as chloroform, tetrahydrofuran (THF), and N-methylpyrrolidinone (NMP). High optical quality films were obtained by spin-coating the polymer solution of THF. The zinc Schiff base, and the polyurethane (PU) shows strong photoluminescence under a UV-lamp illumination. Single and double layer EL devices consisting ITO/hole transfer layer (HTL)/PU/Al have been fabricated and characterized. The results indicated that the complex polymer could act as both electron transport and emissive layers for EL devices.



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Metal Complex Polymers for Electroluminescent Applications

  • X. T. Tao (a1), H. Suzuki (a2), Y. D. Zhang (a1), T. Watanabe (a2), S. Miyata (a2), T. Wada (a1) and H. Sasabe (a1)...


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