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MEMS-Based MHz Silicon Ultrasonic Nozzles for Production of Monodisperse Drops

  • Y. L. Song (a1), Chih H. Cheng (a2), Ning Wang (a3), Shirley C. Tsai (a4), Yuan F. Chou (a5), Ching T. Lee (a6) and Chen S. Tsai (a7)...


This paper reports production of 4.5 μm-diameter monodisperse water drops using a micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS)-based 1 MHz 3-Fourier horn ultrasonic nozzle. The required electrical drive voltage for atomization was 6.5 V at 964±1 kHz that is in good agreements with the values obtained by impedance measurement and by the three-dimensional (3-D) simulation using a commercial finite element analysis program. Such small diameter drops with geometrical standard deviation (GSD) as small as 1.2 and 90% inhale-able fine particle fraction (<5.8 μm-diameter) were achieved in ultrasonic atomization for the first time. Therefore, the MEMS-based MHz ultrasonic nozzles should have potential application to targeted delivery of reproducible doses of medicine to the respiratory system.



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MEMS-Based MHz Silicon Ultrasonic Nozzles for Production of Monodisperse Drops

  • Y. L. Song (a1), Chih H. Cheng (a2), Ning Wang (a3), Shirley C. Tsai (a4), Yuan F. Chou (a5), Ching T. Lee (a6) and Chen S. Tsai (a7)...


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