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Mechanisms of cross-talk in large area a-Si:H continuous image sensors

  • M. Mulato, J. P. Lu (a1), S. E. Ready (a1), K. Van Schuylenbergh (a1), J. Ho (a1), R. Lau (a1), J. B. Boyce (a1) and R. A. Street (a1)...


We report studies of the image-blur effects caused by lateral cross-talk between neighboring pixels of large-area amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) image sensors. The lateral conduction is attributed to three effects: conduction along the interface between the a-Si:H film and the underlying passivation; field-dependent electron injection at the edge of the sensor; and a field enhancement of the interface conduction due to the bias applied to the address lines. We show that the cross-talk can be controlled by choice of the operating conditions and optimization of the materials.



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