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Mechanism of Interdiffusion in Hg1-XXxTe/CdTe Superlattices (X = Cd, Mn, AND Zn)

  • J.-L. Staudenmann (a1), R. D. Knox (a1) and J.-P. Faurie (a2)


The interdiffusion mechanism in Hg(l-x)X(x)Te/CdTe superlattices where X is Cd, Mn, or Zn can be deduced from the magnitude of the interdiffusion activation energy. By comparing in-situ x-ray diffraction measurements (our work) with results from Tang and Stevenson (J. Vac. Sci. Technol. AS, 1987), it is found that anionic and cationic Frenkel pairs represent the most likely interdiffusion mechanism in Hg(l-x)X(x)Te/CdTe superlattices. This model mixes vacancies and interstitials, as well as maintaining the conduction type and the electronic mobility. It is further shown that interdiffusion sets in as soon as the growth starts.



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Ames Laboratory is operated by the US Department of Energy by Iowa State University under contract No. W-7405-Eng-82. This work was supported by the Director for Energy Research, Office of Basic Energy Sciences.
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