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Mechanism of Heavy Element Retention in Hydrated Layers Formed on Leached Silicate Glasses

  • J.-C. Petit (a1), J.-C. Dran (a2), L. Trotignon (a1), J.-M. Casabonne (a3), A. Paccagnella (a4) and G. Della Mea (a4) (a5)...


We have investigated the relationship between hydrated layer formation during aqueous corrosion of silicates and retention of heavy elements (Fe, REE, actinides). Our approach is based on the comparison of the dissolution behaviour of silicate glasses, silicate minerals implanted with increasing doses of lead ions (1×E+12 to 1×E+15 ions/cm2), sorption experiments on silica surfaces and direct precipitation of hydrosilicates. The characterization of reacted surfaces was performed by combining Rutherford backscattering spectrometry (RBS) for profiling heavy elements with Resonant Nuclear Reaction Analysis (RNRA) for hydrogen profilimetry. The accumulation of these elements does not necessarily imply a selective dissolution and can be explained by the “precipitation” of hydroxides or hydrosilicates.



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