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Mechanical-to-Electrical Energy Conversion of Thin-Film Piezoelectric Diaphragms

  • Dylan J Morris (a1), Michelle C Robinson (a2), Leland W Weiss (a3), Cecilia D Richards (a4), Robert F Richards (a5) and David F Bahr (a6)...


A micro (∼1 cm3) dynamic heat engine, capable of producing electrical power from lowgrade heat sources, utilizes a micro-machined diaphragm with a piezoelectric element as a The electromechanical coupling of a piezoelectric diaphragm under large initial stresses and/or large deflections – in the membrane limit – is described here. A simple model is derived for electromechanical transduction of a pressurized piezoelectric membrane and an experiment is described to measure it. Electromechanical coupling initially increases as the square of the center-point deflection as the residual stress is overcome. In the limit of large pressures, the electromechanical coupling approaches a limit that is predicted by the model.



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