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Mechanical Response of Porous and Dense NiTi-TiC Composites

  • Douglas E. Burkes (a1) (a2), Guglielmo Gottoli (a1) (a2), John J. Moore (a1) (a2) and Reed A. Ayers (a2)


The Center for Commercial Applications of Combustion in Space (CCACS) at the Colorado School of Mines is currently using combustion synthesis to produce several advanced materials. These materials include ceramic, intermetallic, and metal-matrix composites in both porous and dense form. Currently, NiTi – TiC intermetallic ceramic composites are under investigation for use as a bone replacement material. The NiTi intermetallic has the potential to provide a surface that is capable of readily producing an oxide layer for corrosion resistance. The TiC ceramic has the potential to increase the hardness and wear resistance of the bulk material that can improve the performance lifetime of the implant. Processing parameters are critical to the production of the NiTi – TiC composite and will be discussed. These parameters can lead to the formation of substoichiometric TiC and nickel rich NiTi that changes the overall mechanical and material properties. In addition, the size of the TiC particles present within the bulk product varies with porosity. Both porous and dense samples have been mechanically analyzed employing micro-indentation techniques as well as compression tests in an attempt to characterize the mechanical response of these composites. The effects of the TiC particles, the formation of Ni3Ti intermetallic and the effects of porosity on the overall mechanical and material properties will be discussed.



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Mechanical Response of Porous and Dense NiTi-TiC Composites

  • Douglas E. Burkes (a1) (a2), Guglielmo Gottoli (a1) (a2), John J. Moore (a1) (a2) and Reed A. Ayers (a2)


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