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Mechanical Properties of Pillared-Graphene Nanostructures under Shear Loads

  • H. Sasaki (a1), T. Hagi (a2) and K. Shintani (a1)


The shear deformations of pillared-graphene nanostructures are investigated using molecular dynamics simulation. Slight anisotropy regarding the direction of a shear load is detected. Changing the loading area in graphene and the radius of a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) as a pillar, the deformations near the joints of graphene and a SWNT are examined in detail. It is concluded the anisotropy of the shear deformation of the nanostructure is due to the atomic structures at the joints of graphene and a SWNT as a pillar, and the out-of-plane deformations of graphene near the joints dominantly affect the overall shear deformation of the nanostructure.



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