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Mechanical Properties of 0.1 Micron Thick Simox Film Measured Using on-Chip Tensile Test System

  • J. Amano (a1), T. Ando (a1), M. Shikida (a1), K. Sato (a1) and T. Tsuchiya (a2)...


We evaluated the mechanical properties of a very thin single-crystal-silicon film 140 nm thick fabricated from a SIMOX wafer using an on-chip tensile testing method. The silicon specimen oriented in the <110> direction was integrated with a loading mechanism on the same chip, which was fabricated in three etching steps. The strain in the film was measured using a newly developed tensile testing system having a two-field-of-view microscope that allowed us to observe the elongation of the specimen directly. The measured fracture strain was distributed in the range of 2.4-3.2%, which is narrower than the range of 1.3-3.5% for a thicker 5-νm film.



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