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Mechanical Performance of Tubular Microtruss Materials Reinforced With Nanocrystalline Sleeves

  • Eral Bele (a1), Mishaal Azhar (a1) and Glenn D. Hibbard (a1)


Microtruss cellular materials are assemblies of struts with characteristic features in the μm to mm scale, arranged in a periodic, three-dimensional architecture. Compared to conventional cellular architectures (e.g. stochastic foams and honeycombs), they can possess improved structural efficiency, because externally applied loads are resolved axially along the constituent struts. We have recently fabricated composite microtruss materials by electrodepositing reinforcing nanocrystalline sleeves on tubular polymeric scaffolds. These materials can offer enhanced structural performance by exploiting advantageous properties along three length scales: the inherent strength of the electrodeposited material (grain size reduction to the nm scale), its location away from the bending axis of the struts (cross-sectional efficiency in the μm scale), and the spatial arrangement of the struts (architectural efficiency in the mm scale). This study uses finite element analysis and experimental methods to characterize the mechanical properties of these composite materials.



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