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Measurements of to Temperatures of Supersaturated Si-As Alloys

  • Kwang-Ryeol Lee (a1), Jeffrey A. West (a1), Patrick M. Smith (a1), M. J. Aziz (a1) and J. A. Knapp (a2)...


The congruent melting point, or To curve, of crystalline Si-As alloys has been measured in the range of 1.6 to 18.1 at. % arsenic by line source electron beam annealing. Alloys were created by ion implantation of As into 0.1mm Si-on-sapphire and crystallized by pulsed laser melting. To temperatures decrease from 1673±10K at 2.0 at.% As to 1516±30K at 18.1 at.% As. The results of these measurements are significantly higher than the previous results of studies using pulsed laser melting techniques. Advantages of the e-beam technique over previous techniques are discussed. Chemical free energy functions of the solid and liquid phases were calculated from existing thermodynamic data. The calculated To curve agrees with the measured values only in low concentration region (less than 8 at.%).



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