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Measurements of Grain Boundary Trap Density and Hydrogen Diffusivity in Polycrystalline Silicon Fet's

  • Chad B. Moore (a1) and Dieter G. Ast (a1)


Hydrogen diffusion in as-deposited and in oxidation-annealed polycrystalline silicon films was investigated using n-type accumulation-mode MOSFET's. The diffusion was studied by measuring the reduction in the grain boundary trap density with hydrogenation time. The number of traps in fully hydrogenated as-deposited films fell to about 45% of the initial trap state density and fell to about 20% in the oxidized-annealed films. Concurrently, the mobility increased about 95 % to 5cm2/Vs in the as-deposited films and by about 55 % to 25 cm2/Vs in the oxidized polysilicon devices. The effective preexponential diffusion coefficient and activation energy for hydrogen diffusion in the two different films were Do= 5.4×10−10 cm2/s and EA= 0.37 eV for the as-deposited polysilicon and Do=2.1×10−10 cm2/s and EA= 0.36 eV for the oxidized polysilicon.



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Measurements of Grain Boundary Trap Density and Hydrogen Diffusivity in Polycrystalline Silicon Fet's

  • Chad B. Moore (a1) and Dieter G. Ast (a1)


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