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Measurement of the Relative Position of Adjacent Crystals and the Modelling of Interfacial Structure

  • M.H.I. El-Eraki (a1), C.J. Kiely (a1) and R.C. Pond (a1)


Various techniques using transmission electron microscopy for determining the relative position of two crystals separated by an interface are reviewed briefly. Measurements obtained by these means can be used to identify unrelaxed interfacial configurations. The modelling of relaxed configurations based on these unrelaxed candidate structures requires additional information from experimental techniques such as electron diffraction and high resolution microscopy, or theoretical investigation by computer simulation. This procedure is illustrated for a selection of grain and interphase boundaries. {211} grain boundaries between twin related crystals of Al and Ge, and interfaces in NiSi2:Si, CoSi2:Si and AI:GaAs epitaxial systems, are discussed.



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