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Measurement of shape and deformation of MEMS at the wafer level

  • Cosme Furlong (a1), Curtis F. Ferguson (a1), Michael J. Melson (a1) and Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz (a1)


One of the approaches to fabrication of MEMS involves surface micromachining to define dies on single crystal silicon wafers, dicing of the wafers to separate the dies, and electronic packaging of the individual dies. Dicing and packaging of MEMS accounts for a large fraction of the fabrication costs, therefore, nondestructive evaluation at the wafer level, before dicing, can have significant implications on improving production yield and costs. In this paper, advances in development of optoelectronic holography (OEH) techniques for nondestructive, noninvasive, full-field of view evaluation of MEMS at the wafer level are described. With OEH techniques, quantitative measurements of shape and deformation of MEMS, as related to their performance and integrity, are obtained with sub-micrometer spatial resolution and nanometer measuring accuracy. To inspect an entire wafer with OEH techniques, measurements of overlapping regions of interest (ROI) on a wafer are recorded and adjacent ROIs are stitched together through efficient 3D correlation analysis algorithms.



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