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Measurement and Modelling of the Radiation Damage of Silicon by MeV Ag Ions

  • Jörg K.N. Lindner (a1), Johann Eder (a2) and Bernd Stritzker (a2)


Depth profiles of the radiation damage produced by 4 MeV Ag ions in Si(111) at temperatures of 210-450 K are studied by optical reflectivity depth profiling and TEM for doses between 1012 and 1015 Ag/cm2. For high implantation temperatures, the depth of maximum damage is shown to be dose dependent. Point defect diffusion is shown to result in long tails of defect depth profiles. High-temperature amorphization is observed to proceed via the formation and bridge-like coalescence of isolated amorphous volumina. The damage at the depth of the maximum in the nuclear stopping power is described as a function of dose and temperature by the Hecking model. The model parameters and a comparison with those obtained for lighter ions reflect the particular properties of heavy ion collision cascades.



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