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MBE Growth and Properties of Fe Films on Lattice-Matched InxGa1−xAs Films

  • R. F. C. Farrow (a1), S. S. P. Parkin (a1), V. S. Speriosu (a1), C. H. Wilts (a2), R. B. Beyers (a1), P. Pitner (a3), J. M. Woodall (a4), S. L. Wright (a4), P. D. Kirchner (a4) and G. D. Pettit (a4)...


.We report the growth and magnetic properties of epitaxial Fe films, prepared by MBE on films of GaAs and In0.2Ga0.8As, on GaAs (100) substrates. We find that the magnetic properties of the Fe films, which are in the thickness range 300-900Å have virtually no dependence on the nature of the buffer film between the GaAs substrate and the Fe film. In terms of FMR linewidth, 4πMs and anisotropy, the Fe films are of the highest quality yet reported. Values of exchange constant and surface anisotropies were derived from an analysis of spinwaves observed in the thickest films.



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