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MBE Growth and Characterization of InSb/AlxIn1−xSb Strained Layer Structures

  • K. J. Goldammer (a1), W. K. Liu (a1), W. Ma (a1), M. B. Santos (a1), R. J. Hauenstein (a2) and M. L. O'steen (a2)...


Three types of structures were fabricated using molecular beam epitaxy. High-resolution x-ray diffraction measurements demonstrated the high structural quality of InSb/AlxIn1−xSb superlattices grown on InSb and GaAs substrates. Hall effect data revealed the effect of substrate temperature on autocompensation in InSb δ-doped with Si. Two-dimensional electron systems with a high mobility were realized in InSb quantum wells with AlxIn1−xSb barriers δ-doped with Si.



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