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Mbe Growth and Characterization of (GaAs)l−x(Si2)x and (GaAs)1−x(Si2)x/GaAs Superlattices on GaAs Substrates

  • H.P. Lee (a1), F.J. Szalkowski (a1), X. Zeng (a1), J. Wolfenstine (a2) and J. W. Ager (a3)...


Lateral compositional graded (GaAs)1-x(Si2)x alloys were deposited on GaAs substrates in a III-V molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) chamber equipped with a electron-beam Si evaporation source. Single crystal GaAs-Si alloys were formed when the deposition temperature was 600°C or higher. The alloys were characterized by Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS), Raman scattering measurement and cross-sectional Transmission Electron Microscopy (XTEM). Dislocation-free (GaAs)1-x(Si2)x films of up to x = 0.07 were deposited. For alloys with x between 0.15 < < 0.25, the morphology deteriorates and a high density of stacking faults and micro-twins were observed.



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Mbe Growth and Characterization of (GaAs)l−x(Si2)x and (GaAs)1−x(Si2)x/GaAs Superlattices on GaAs Substrates

  • H.P. Lee (a1), F.J. Szalkowski (a1), X. Zeng (a1), J. Wolfenstine (a2) and J. W. Ager (a3)...


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