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Materials Science Issues of Plasma Source Ion Implantation

  • M. Nastasi (a1), A.A. Elmoursi (a2), R.J. Faehl (a1), A.H. Hamdi (a2), I. Henins (a1), G.W. Malaczynski (a2), J.V. Mantese (a2), C. Munson (a1), X. Qui (a2), W.A. Reass (a1), DJ. Rej (a1), J.T. Scheuer (a1), CE. Speck (a2), K.C. Walter (a1) and B.P. Wood (a1)...


Ion beam processing, including ion implantation and ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD), are established surface modification techniques which have been used successfully to synthesize materials for a wide variety of tribological applications. In spite of the flexibility and promise of the technique, ion beam processing has been considered too expensive for mass production applications. However, an emerging technology, Plasma Source Ion Implantation (PSII), has the potential of overcoming these limitations to become an economically viable tool for mass industrial applications. In PSII, targets are placed directly in a plasma and then pulsed-biased to produce a non-line-of-sight process for intricate target geometries without complicated fixturing. If the bias is a relatively high negative potential (20-100kV) ion implantation will result. At lower voltages (50-1200V), deposition occurs. Potential applications for PSII are in low-value-added products such as tools used in manufacturing, orthopedic devices, and the production of wear coatings for hard disk media. This paper will focus on the technology and materials science associated with PSII.



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