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Manufacturable Polymeric Optical Waveguide based Bus Structures for Board Level Optical Interconnects

  • Xinyuan Dou (a1), Xiaolong Wang (a2), Xiaohui Lin (a1) and Ray T. Chen (a1)


In this paper, we studied the optimization of preparation for polymeric optical waveguide based bus structures with embedded 45 degree micro-mirrors by metallic hard mold method. The 45º facets on the metallic hard mold, which were used to create the 45 degree micro-mirrors, were studied by the atomic force microscopy (AFM). The surface roughness of the 45 degree facets was reduced from 70nm to be 2nm by a photopolymer coating step. High speed test on the waveguide shows the low loss and high Q-factor performance of the waveguide structures. A backplane bus with 10 Gbits/sec channel will be reported.



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Manufacturable Polymeric Optical Waveguide based Bus Structures for Board Level Optical Interconnects

  • Xinyuan Dou (a1), Xiaolong Wang (a2), Xiaohui Lin (a1) and Ray T. Chen (a1)


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