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Magnetostrictive Microcantilever as Micro-Biosensor Platform

  • Suiqiong Li (a1), Zhimin Li (a1), Lisa Orona (a1) and Z.-Y. Cheng


In this paper, a novel micro-biosensor platform - magnetostrictive microcantilever (MSMC) - is reported. The resonance behavior and the sensitivity of MSMC as sensor platform were characterized and compared to the theoretical calculation. The detection of yeast cells using the biosensor made of MSMC was reported. The results demonstrate the feasibility of MSMC as a high performance biosensor platform. Compare to current microcantilevers, which is widely considered as the state-of-art sensor platform, the MSMCs have following advantages: 1) remote/wireless driving and sensing; 2) easy to fabricate. More importantly, it is experimentally found that the quality merit factor (Q value) of MSMC can reach more than 250, which is much higher than other cantilevers.



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Magnetostrictive Microcantilever as Micro-Biosensor Platform

  • Suiqiong Li (a1), Zhimin Li (a1), Lisa Orona (a1) and Z.-Y. Cheng


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