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Magnetoreflectivity Study of Excitons in MBE Grown Zn1−xFex Se Crystals

  • X. Liu (a1), A. Petrou (a1), G. A. Prinz (a2), B. T. Jonke (a2), J. J. Krebs (a2) and J. Warnock (a3)...


We present a magnetoreflectivity study of the excitons in MBE grown Zn1−xFexSe crystals for x=0.017, 0.027 and 0.043. The excitonic spinsplitting was studied as function of magnetic field in both the Faraday and Voigt geometries. The exchange integrals were determined from the conduction and valence band spin-splittings. The exciton spin-splitting was also studied as function of temperature. This study yielded the value of the energy spacing of the Fe++ states and also verified that Zn1−xFexSe is a Van Vleck paramagnet.



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